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I am an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University. I received my PhD in Management (Strategy) from Columbia Business School, where I was also a Postdoctoral Fellow in Business, AI, and Democracy.

My research is centered at the intersection of information technology, human resource management, and causal inference. Advances in generative AI, human resource management systems, and job platforms are transforming how firms compete for talent, how they match workers to projects and tasks, and how they motivate and retain their employees.  My research examines the causes and consequences of these changes to further understand not only how firms can use their human capital as a source of competitive advantage, but also how workers can thrive in the digital economy. Additionally, I am interested in introducing new methodological tools for business research. My research has been published or is forthcoming in leading management and economics journals including Management Science, Strategic Management Journal and The Review of Economics and Statistics, in addition to general interest outlets such as the Harvard Business Review.

Prior to my graduate studies, I worked at Innovations for Poverty Action and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Jordan and our dog Maxi. You can reach me at

Please note: I no longer have access to my email account, and am not receiving any emails sent there. Please email me instead at

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