Working papers

Cowgill and Perkowski (2020). "Delegation in Hiring: Evidence from a Two-Sided Audit." Available online at Submitted. 

Dell'Acqua, Kogut, and Perkowski (2020). "Super Mario meets AI: The effects of automation on team performance and coordination in a videogame experiment." Available online at Submitted.


Work in progress

"Union wins trigger employer backlash: Evidence from close elections", solo-authored.

"Employee voice, wages, and effort: Evidence from an online labor market" with Genevieve Gregorich.

"Strategic worker eligibility challenges in union elections", solo-authored.

"Labor organizing in the age of AI", solo-authored.

"Market Design for Strategic Organizations", with Bo Cowgill, Jonathan Davis, and Pablo Montagnes.



Meier, Stephan, Matt Stephenson, and Patryk Perkowski. 2020. Culture of trust and division of labor in nonhierarchical teams. Strategic Management Journal. 40(8): 1171-1193.

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